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brand story

The history of a legend

In 2003, three entrepreneurs from hong kong formed Kool and set out on a journey to create products that make people's lives better. The story dated back to 1989. In their teenage years and fresh off the boat, Kenny Kong (mr kool), Wai Hui and Tommy Hui sought to build their future on Canadian soil. The new world proved to be an excellent place for these young men to develop their knowledge, courage and friendship.

After finishing their college degrees, they came back to hong kong, the city where they were born and bred. However, even the best of friends must part. They took different routes to chase their dreams, being out of touch with each other since then. The wheel of time kept turning, but fate knocked at the door again and brought the long-lost brothers back together.

The birth of a company

It was mr kool who ignited the fire named “Kool.” He united the other two brains of multiple expertise.

Business management, design, and mechanical engineering were their fortes. They began to design, develop, and deliver their very first own kitchen utensil. Not easy was the task, yet Kool responded by offering their time, resources, and talent to meet the client's needs. Trust was earned when actions met words. Good news traveled fast and the business kept growing. Kool as a company became a synonym for one-stop private label solutions provider. But their ambitions extended beyond just being a factory. mr kool heart's desire was to build up his own brand. Kool is proud to be a product factory but will be even prouder of being a creative company.

The creation of a brand

More than twenty years ago, these young minds came together to form a formidable friendship.

No task is too big when done together. mr kool and the team devote themselves body and soul to the great cause. With a deep aspiration to solve people's everyday problems, Kool presses ahead in identifying their needs and providing practical answers. Innovation becomes part of Kool's DNA. Tens of new products come out every year to quench the thirst of the consumers.

As a marathoner, mr kool believes that no challenge is insurmountable. Every race is long and arduous. The training can take hundreds of hours over several months. Even though there are no immediate signs of getting closer to the finish line, mr kool keeps on going, because he knows that the light of passion will always shine on the path that leads to the future. No matter how hard it may seem, Kool never stops running. We Never Stop Creating.