"Creativity is in my blood. I never stop thinking about how to make our lives better. Not a single moment. I never stop creating." 

- by CEO & Co-founder Mr Kenny Kong

Kool Limited was formed in 2003, and ever since, Kool started the journey on creating products that improve and enhance people's lives to another level. Date back in 1989, the 3 formers of Kool limited, Kenny Kong, Wai Hui and Tommy Hui, started their friendship since then. They started developing their bond while they were growing their knowledge and courage in Canada. After finishing their college degree, they decided to come back to Hong Kong, to the city where they were born and bred. They chased their own dreams for a few years and the wheel of time kept turning. Fate knocked at the door and brought the brothers together and formed Kool.


The name of Kool travelled fast and the business keeps expanding. As one of the leading one-stop private label solution providers for household items, Kool has long been praised to master a few outstanding & unique strength including Design, Engineering, and Mixed-material Production capabilities. Grouping the essence of various professional teams enables Kool to concentrate on R&D innovation and OEM development according to client's exact needs, hence the company philosophy of “Never Stop Creating” becomes a day to day focus. The innovative idea of Kool products always bring surprise to clients and never disappoint the market, this has been proven by the myriad international awards received throughout the decade.


In recent years, the company is actively looking for new opportunities and exploring new markets. Other than the household and kitchenware area, Kool has invested in a few joint venture partner businesses, including pet care products, purified water bottle and commercial grade power blender. Meanwhile, Kool had created their own retail brand, which is a great milestone to the company and great news to the retail market. Kool limited will keep delivering the top quality and best-designed kitchen and household product to the B2B and B2C market. We are Kool, We will never stop creating.


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