coffee agar mooncake with cream cheese filling

coffee agar mooncake with cream cheese filling

preparation time: 1 hour

The mid-autumn is approaching, this is the time of the year to get together with friends and family for a meal by the silvery moonlight, enjoying the autumn breeze. Mooncakes symbolize reunion. It also symbolizes togetherness and completeness in Chinese people.

You can never celebrate the festival without a bite of a mooncake. We all love the traditional one, there is no other food that can beat its combination of sweet, salty, and savoury flavours. However, our love of mooncake will never stop here. There are many creative mooncakes in the market.  So, why not make your own one? It is easier than you can expect!  Let’s prepare a mooncake for your loved ones with our simple recipe.  Creating a special moment for them and making it a memorable mid-autumn festival this year! 

Worry about getting the wrong measurement of the ingredients? Sick of keeping tons of measuring spoons in the kitchen? Our adjustable measuring spoon and steps measuring jug are here to help! By twisting the switcher, the spoon can be adjusted to the required amount. The design of the jugs allows you to read the measurement not only from the sides but also from the top. These will surely help your cooking process be more efficient and smoother, not to mention cleaning up fewer cooking gadgets.

Let’s give a try this koolest mooncake recipe, to create your special memories with the one you loved at this greatest festival!

cream cheese filling (serve 9)


220 ml milk
60 g cream cheese

30 g trehalose

2.5 g agar powder


coffee agar mooncake (serve 9)

280ml black coffee
600ml milk
30 g trehal
10g agar powder
60g jelly powder

how to make:

1. heat up the milk, add trehalose, agar powder, then cream cheese
2. low heat until all melted and mix well

3. pour in mould, set aside for cool down, then refrigerate for 20 minutes




how to make:

1. pour all the ingredients and low heat until all melted and mix well
2. add 
 mixture to the mould, add the fillings, and fill in the coffee mixture

   3. refrigerate for 45 minutes for forming, and unmould the  mooncake